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Commercial buildings: Whether it is a small office space or a large retail center, you’ll love our attention to every detail in preparing your building. our contractors have the specific skills needed to complete all necessary task to ensure quality work.

Commercial Roofing: For any roofing project in the Houston, DFW and surrounding areas, we have a trained team that can repair any roof that has encountered storm damage, old age, or if you are just in the need for a new roof.

Commercial Remodeling: If you are wanting to update your office space or expand, then please contact us as we have done a countless number of remodels allowing our clients to update appliances, increase their square footage, and also completely redesign the interior layout of their building.

Tenant buildouts: We have the crew necessary to take on any task, ensuring the results you are wanting. Our crew works together to ensure that you only get the highest quality service possible.


Texas PC Builders

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